Credo Bank offers its customers a unique service. It is no longer necessary to visit the service centre to cash the transfer or to stand in the endless queue at other cash registers. Remittances is now available with the help of Credo Bank's call centre or through the internet portal of Credo Bank - - my online bank, which is an internet portal designed for anyone who wants to use the banking and financial products in a quick, simple and comfortable manner. The use of portal is free!

If you use money transfer systems such as Contact, RIA, IntelExpress, MoneyGram, Unistream, Zalataya Corona, or Credo Bank's local remittance system called ‘Sprint’, and therefore already have a current account in Credo Bank – visit the portal, register on the portal (if you are not registered yet) and transfer up to GEL 10,000 to your account, without even leaving your home or work desk.

You can convert the money on your account in GEL at a special rate, which you will not be able to get anywhere else, other than in Credo Bank.

You can dispose of the amount deposited to your account at your discretion using the same portal: open a deposit, transfer to an opened deposit, add funds, pay utility bills, charge mobile balance or do the same for your friends, transfer money to another accounts, withdraw cash from an ATM using a plastic card and so on.

Don't have a plastic card in Credo Bank? - Now is the best time to order our debit Mastercard on the internet portal, we will prepare it for you for free!

You can also transfer the money to the account with the help of our call centre. Contact Credo Bank’s Call Centre at 032 242 42 42 or * 4242 and our operators will transfer the your desired amount to your current account. You can easily and conveniently dispose of the money deposited on your current account through portal

If you do not have a plastic card or current account in Credo Bank - visit your preferred service centre immediately, open a current account, register yourself or ask your operator to help you register on and get fast, easy and convenient money transfer service from home. Most importantly: order a debit Mastercard on and we will provide it for free!

While registering at, if you encounter any difficulties, contact Credo Bank’s Call Centre at 032 242 42 42 or * 4242. Our call centre staff will assist you.

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Credo Bank will support to allocate part of the proceeds from remittances for the financing of scholarships to students at the Agricultural University.